Townhouses in the centre of Mahon

Townhouses in the center of Mahon- If you are dreaming of refurbish a townhouse to your taste and in the Menorcan style, then we have just the right properties for you.

All houses in our offer have courtyards that can be individually designed. So you can enjoy living right in the old town of Mahon, but also have a private outdoor area, be it a patio or a roof terrace, which you can call your own. With living areas from 300m2 to 700m2, antique doors or stairs and bay windows.

Our team has created very interesting plans for you with the best architects in Menorca. Ask us for more information.



Mahon is the capital town of Minorca.
The city is located on the eastern coast of the island. Maó-Mahón has one of the largest natural harbours in the world. A small but important Royal Navy Dockyard was established by the British on the north side of the harbour, opposite the town, in 1715. It served as the Royal Navy’s principal Mediterranean base for much of the 18th century, and remains in use today as a Spanish Naval station.
It is not a very large town, but retains building from various periods reflecting its history, especially touches of the British architecture with its bow windows.
The town hall is one of the more historical buildings, built in 161, which still bears the clock contributed by the British Governor Richard Kane. Right next to it you will find the gothic church of Santa Maria, which houses one of Mahon’s treasures, an organ with over 3000 pipes.
In respect of cultural buildings, the Theatre Principal is the oldest opera house in Spain, dated 1829.
The closest beaches are Cala Mesquida and Es Grau.